The accidental business idea

We have always been passionate about home and adventure.
Two words which may seem like opposites, but really are the perfect pair.

We looked for something to the adventures we had experienced in our hometown in a way that was modern, minimal & aesthetically pleasing, but couldn’t find anything (not even a cheesy postcard).

So in 2019, as a passion project, we created a digitally hand drawn map of our hometown. We wanted the map for ourselves, and hoped that others in our community would also like the idea.

After we shared this first map on Instagram, we started getting requests for different locations. 

Our business was strictly service oriented, and we never thought we would be drawing, packaging and shipping 100s of maps in the years to come.

This passion project has turned into so much more, and we can’t thank our online community enough for supporting us as we have navigated through learning all the things.

Who we are

We are Levi & Victoria. We started as photographers, and in 2019 started our map shop as a creative passion project. It has turned into so much more. 

When we aren't working, we love to explore our local area (especially cute cafes), make tiktoks & hang out with our people.

We are strong believers in community over competition (not just when it is beneficial to us). Our goal is to keep it as real as possible, because social media can make things a little too perfect.



Currently we ship products all over North America. Our maps are hung in homes across Canada, telling your stories and reminding you of the places you came from.

We are in over 10 shops, and are always looking to partner with new businesses, send us a message here to chat about wholesale opportunities.